Previous Projects

We are a funding body which can provide money to projects which help people get on the water to paddle.  The hard work is done by the people who plan and execute the projects, our many thanks to those who have helped our sport.

Sluie beat egress point on River Findhorn

April 2024

Application for repairs on the steps on the Findhorn Gorge section, awaiting consideration

Forth Canoe Club Boathouse Accessibility Improvements Feasibility Study

January 2024

We approved a £1500 grant to Forth Canoe Club for an architectural study into accessibility improvements at their boathouse.

Willowgate Accessible Equipment

March 2023

Approved £415.67 for purchase of equipment to help disabled paddlers for the Willowgate Centre.  Paid April 2023.


River Nith Tree Removal

May 2023

Jonathan Esk-Riddell wants to work with Forth Rivers Trust to remove this annoying tree blocking the popular River Nith section.

Trees removed May 2023 after 8 hours of hard work by Jonathan and Scot Muir (contractor for Forth Rivers Trust and knowledgeable in using chainsaws and winches near water).

Approved and paid £430.

Big Paddle Clean Up

January 2023

Litter picking kit for clubs and groups coordinated by the SCA Environment committee.

We funded up to £1745 worth of kit paid in January.

River Spey Ayeon Pool Access

September 2022

The path to the Ayeon access on the Spey has been upgraded.  As a long term measure the Spey access advisor asked us for funding for a tarmac of the path at a cost of £10,000.

October 2022 we offered £2,500 towards this where match funded with other funds, valid for 12 months.

January 2023 it was agreed to re-allocate £1,500 to the initial path repairs (leaving £1000 for the additional tarmac project) .

River Spey Loch Insh Access

March 2021

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We offered 1/4 of costs up to £3000 valid until March 2023.  Some discussion about improving the design.

£202 has been paid for planning fees via the SCA April 2022.

Architect fees HRI Munro £1,073.10 being paid January 2023.

As of 2022 this project appears to have fallen through due to concerns from the land owner.

Muick Safety Sign

October 2020

Safety sign above a beater’s bridge to say “keep right”.  From the access officer Jonathan Kitching.  We approved the £152 cost of a new sign.

December 2020 update: the sign is now in place.  The Access Fund is yet to receive a photo of it.  Payment is being sent out.

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Pinkston Covid-19 Aid

May 2020

We will face some specific challenges due to Covid. We would like to put the grant towards some of the
following items:
1. Purchasing and installing hand sanitiser stations where people enter/exit the course, and other
locations as needed. Also the costs of signage for participants.
2. Staff time, material and other labour costs as we try to address some of the access/egress
bottlenecks to get onto the course/basin (social distancing could significantly slow down/limit
numbers and participation). We are still working through options and design, but we would put
any grant towards:
a. More points where it is possible to access and egress the course (installing new “steps”
made from blocks at points on the course). Potentially a seal launch ramp from the
island to create a new launch route through the short course (design/risk assessment
needed but we aim to ask some of our volunteers to look into this).
b. Additional pontoon access to the basin to maintain social distancing. Realistically this
may involve splitting and re-siting the existing pontoons into smaller launch points.
c. Potentially adding seal launch ramps to speed up/create new ways to access the basin.

Our grant for £1000 was spent on items including hand sanitiser and other products, some signs for accessing changing, and code locks to restrict access to toilets when this was required.

River Avon (Lanarkshire) Tree Clearance

February 2019

A large tree has become wedged across the parapets of the Dukes Bridge in Chaterelhaut Park just outside Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

The position of this tree poses a significant hazard to any paddler traveling on the river. At the height most paddlers would wish to paddle this section the tree would entrap any paddler coming across it. The bridge is just around a blind left hand corner and the tree can only be seen once the the paddler is committed to the line.

The tree is too large to be removed easily by paddlers and requires the skill of a professional arborist.

South Lanarkshire Council Access officer was contacted to enquire if the authority could remove the tree. They agreed that their arborists could remove it, but that there would be a cost.

The Access Fund has agreed to pay £600 of the cost jointly with the local council. Grant offer made 11 Feb 2019 for 1 year, works complete May 2019.

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Where’s the Water Leaflets

September 2018

Promoting contributions to SCA Where’s the Water at Wet West Paddlefest.  £40 cost.

Perthshire Blackwater Steps

July 2018

The steps at the get out for the Blackwater have been sliding into the river.  You will be please to hear that funded by the Andy Jackson Trust these have now been repaired

Thanks also to Clive Bowman for carrying out this tricky piece of the work.  Also to Mary Conacher for her help in negotiation, and to the landowner, Richard Wilson, for his unfailing courtesy and co-operation.

AJ Fund has funded 100% of costs up to £900.

River Cononish Access Signs

November 2017

Signs describing car access to private road. We provided £414 for the project.


Fort William Tailrace

August 2017

Revived project to build a white water course at the outflow of the Fort William smelter. AJFund has contributed £1200 towards the initial feasibility study and setup of this exciting project. The project was previously attempted in 2009 and the larger than normal grant size from us was because we received the surplus when the 2009 attempt was laid down.

Project Prospectus

Old video of the railrace

Ballindalloch Toilet

March 2017
AJ Fund agreed to pay for a Portaloo on River Spey at Ayeon Pool on Ballindalloch estate for 2017 as a one off until more sustainable funding is found.  In the end Glenmore Lodge generously pays for the Portaloo and our grant was not needed.

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Paddlesport Infrastructure Improvements at Seaton Park, Aberdeen.

February 2017

1) Access and Egress points – “Assisted Disabled Access”.
2) Erosion Control – Multi-tiered willow spilling for the loose and eroding bank areas, a harder rock “nose cone” for the head of the island.
3) Improvements to the whitewater environment.  Drop structures that will focus the energy and flow available into more appealing and exciting rapids for paddlesport.

Project Proposal


The AJ Fund granted £1000 towards this worthy project which has now been completed using funding from a number of other sources as well as local fundraising.  It was completed in the summer of 2018.

River Spey Bank Stabalisation at Aviemore

February 2017

Over the last few years the bankside erosion in the vicinity of the river access point at the Old Bridge Inn carpark, Dalfaber Road, Aviemore, has started to accelerate. A few more large flood events like those experienced last winter and there is a chance of considerable loss of bankside & vegetation along the whole section, changing the characteristics of the area for ever. The site is currently a highly visible local beauty spot and popular village amenity, used by locals and visitors alike. It is one of the main access points to the River Spey and is regularly used by local outdoor access providers as a safe and accessible spot from which beginners can launch kayaks and open boats.  The project is for the construction of sustainable riverbank protection using a two tier willow bank system around the eroded sections of riverbank.

Phase 2 design as applied for grant from Access Fund:

Phase 1 design now completed:

Proposal to restore the eroding river banks and access point:

Proposal details.

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The AJ Fund has agreed to contribute £1000.  The works opened November 2019.

Luncarty Steps on the Tay

January 2017

Following consultation with the SCA, the fund has spent £1,150 building new egress steps on the River Tay.  These are approx a mile downstream of the take out at Thistlebrig and provide an easier route up to the road and your shuttle vehicle.  The larger than usual grant size was because the SCA tied it into a fundraising drive for the fund.  Our thanks go to the individuals and clubs who have so far contributed to the costs of this project.  They are:

  • Kirkcaldy Canoe Club
  • Fife Canoeing Activities Group
  • Beyond Adventure
  • East Lothian Canoe Club
  • Drumchaple and Clydebank Kayak Club
  • Eddie Palmer (who has collected donations from the paddlers on the riverbank)
  • Edinburgh Kayak Club
  • BRC Grange Canoe Club

Massive thanks to Mary Connacher for all her hard work driving this project.

If you would like to donate towards the cost of this project, please go to our My Donate page.


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River Orchy Footpath and Car Park

The Andy Jackson Fund for Access was one of the funders of the new footpath at the Eas Urchaidh waterfall on the River Orchy.

The total cost of the riverside trail and new car park near the take-out was £148,350 (excluding VAT). The exceptional £5,000 contribution from the Andy Jackson Fund allowed the leverage of other public funds including a SportScotland Grant of £66,537 and a contribution from Forest Enterprise Scotland, who commissioned the work, of £76,313. The Scottish Rafting Association contributed £500.

Robin Cole, of the Scottish Canoe Association and Andy Jackson Trust said:

“The Orchy is one of Scotland’s best rivers for white water kayaking and as such attracts enthusiasts from all parts of the UK and from abroad.

“Most participants have to carry their boats around the difficult Eas a Chathaidh falls. This used to involve wading through deep mud and it was often said that the portage around the falls was as dangerous as descending the falls themselves.

“The new footpath has changed all this, making the descent of the river a safer and more pleasant experience. The Andy Jackson Trust and its partner the Scottish Canoe Association is delighted to have assisted in making this long held ambition into reality.”

Steps at Netherton on River Black Water

Worked with SCA, we provided half the funding at £162.50.

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Steps on the River Garry

Steps on Garry at one of the popular white water take outs in Scotland and a venue for the Wet West Paddle festival with £500 towards total cost of £4,000+.

To SCA for Land Reform Consultation

March 2013

During the year we supported the SCA in preparing a submission to the Land Reform consultation £500.

Supported building steps at Knockando,

March 2011

Again on the Spey both with funding and by holding monies for the project.

Craigellachie Canoe Park

March 2010

On the Spey, below Aberlour,  for parking boats at night safely by the river.