How to Apply for Funding

What Kind of Projects we’ll Fund

We will consider funding any project in Scotland that helps paddlers get on the water.  Some examples include:

  • Steps to get down to a river bank
  • Constructing a path to walk by a river bank
  • A shed for any canoeist to store boats in overnight
  • A composting toilet near a popular river section
  • Car parking near a popular river section
  • Funding campaigning for Scottish access legislation
  • Funding campaigning against developments which would remove rapids
  • Leaflets to promote responsible access to the water by paddlers

We welcome new ideas which can help with the aims of the Fund.

How to Send a Query

E-mail the committee on

How to Send a Funding Application

Please read all of the following notes before completing the application form.

1. Read the aims of the fund on the website front page. Your application form should describe how they help with these aims.

2. In the first instance applicants are encouraged to consult with their local canoe club and with the Paddle Scotland Access Coordinator via

3. A detailed description of the project for which funding is sought should be provided. Where applicable this should be backed up by reports or information from professional advisors.

4. Full details are required on the total cost of the project, broken down into key elements. Details on all sources of funding for the project should be provided, in addition to the proportion sought from the Fund.

5. Where the project can be linked to direct outcomes e.g. an increase in participation numbers include this information in the project description.

6. Our grants are normally up to £1000, but we are open to persuasion for larger grants especially if it will help release more funds.  Usually funding for ongoing revenue expenditure will not be considered. Funding will not be given to cover previously incurred expenditure – therefore applicants MUST wait for the outcome of this application process prior to commencing their project.

7. Wherever possible, grant aid is given to help projects leverage match funding. In exceptional circumstances however, the Fund may also be used to meet the full costs of a project.

8. There is no limit on the number of times you can apply to the Fund. Funds will be released to successful applicants at the Trustees discretion – however, this will usually be on receipt of invoice copies. Subsequently, proof of payment will also be required.

9. Complete all sections detailed in the application form, write clearly using capitals and black or blue ink. Incomplete applications will be returned.

10. You are not limited to the form and additional relevant information can be appended as necessary. This must be clearly referenced.

11. Completed application forms should be sent to:

12. If you have need any clarification on any aspect of the Application process or the purpose of the Fund please contact the Fund’s Committee:

Application Form

Fill in the form and send to