The fund is run by a board made up of trustees.  Current trustees, roles and current terms are:

bridget  Bridget Thomas (Chair) [2023-2025]       John Picken (Treasurer) [2023-2025]

Jonathan Esk-Riddell (Secretary) [2023-2025]

  Grant Dolier (Paddle Scotland Access Committee) [2021-2024]       Ron Cameron [2023-2025]

Richard Bannister [2022-2024]  Martin Wishart [2022-2024] Calum Hogg [2022-2024]

Richie Neill [2023-2024]

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Trustees are:

Up to 3 trustees nominated from the Paddle Scotland access committee.
The access coordinator of the Paddle Scotland.
Up to 5 trustees elected at the annual meeting.
Trustees serve for 2 year terms of office.

The Way the Fund Works

The Fund is run and administered by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees oversee all applications to the Fund for assistance. Applications are evaluated in relation to the principles and goals of the Fund.

Where the Fund’s Money Comes Includes:

  • Donations
  • Proceeds from Guidebook sales

Relationship to Paddle Scotland

The Fund’s close relationship to Paddle Scotland (formerly the Scottish Canoe Association or SCA), which is the national governing body for the sport in Scotland, operates in three ways:

  • Paddle Scotland may nominate some of the Fund’s Trustees
  • Paddle Scotland has published and sells a number of Guidebooks, royalties of which go to the Fund
  • Paddle Scotland has an Access Committee which should be the main point of contact for any access issues relating to canoeing in Scotland. The Access Committee may apply to the Fund for financial help when addressing these issues.

Charitable Status

The Fund is a registered charity and regulated by OSCR.

Charity Number: SC038644

OSCR Registration Entry


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